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Monarch Marketing is now offering FREE website development. As a bootstrapped startup, we believe that businesses and organizations of all sizes shouldn’t be limited with their online presence. As a result, Monarch Marketing is taking a leap and offering FREE website development. With the evolution of website development, there are a variety of FREE website builders out there. You can now pick from Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, SITE123, Jimbo, and a variety of others. So, how are we different?

As a business owner, manager, or executive you often times don’t have the resources or time to delegate a team to website development (it’s also crazy expensive!). This is where we at Monarch come in! We have noticed time and time again that small-mid size business owners don’t want to spend the time to develop and create their website. Our solution is simple, let us do it. We custom develop your website, enable a responsive and interactive framework, develop and deploy a foundational SEO strategy, and host / manage your website on a continuous basis. Nothing aside from some communication is needed!

How do we develop our websites?

Monarch is hyper-focused on a variety of facets when it comes to website design and development. Through our due diligence we have found that: site architecture, navigation, UI/UX, content, authoritativeness, trustworthiness, framework optimization, and proper rendering can make or break a website. So, how can you tell that your website is in good hands? Well, that answer is easy – hire Monarch 😎! While we highly suggest it – below you will find some pointers on how to monetize your website πŸš€.

Site Architecture

Website architecture is the way your website is structured or laid out. Put short, it is the way customers navigate your website and absorb your content online. Here is a quick, short way to develop a solid site architecture.

  1. Don’t create a website that is complex and/or hard to navigate.
  2. Create a content plan and strategy that is consistent across all mediums.
  3. Limit page depth.
  4. Create meaningful links.


Website navigation consists of the individual components that make up your websites sitemap. The primary focus of a websites navigation should be:

  1. Usage priority (highlighted in a tier fashion on your sitemap).
  2. Website pattern.
  3. Website / landing page placement.
  4. Ease of access from a UX perspective.


The UI/UX of a website refers to the User Experience and User Interface. This is one of the most important parts of website design / development, as it directly affects how a user interacts and uses your website. Here are some of the most important components to UI/UX:

  1. Strategy and context of content.
  2. Wireframing and prototyping.
  3. Responsiveness and interactiveness.


Content is and should be the bread and butter of your website. WHY? Well, not only is it the main reason users navigate your website, it’s also how you are portrayed through the eyes of search engines. When it comes to content, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Create focused / meaningful content.
  2. Content provides great opportunity for internal and external link building.
  3. Content consistency allows for opportunity with keyword and position development.
  4. Align content for ease of use and access.

Authority & Trustworthiness

Every website on the internet has a level of authority and trustworthiness that occupies it. In short, website authority refers to the strength of a given domain. We can test this by looking at the quality and quantity of links on a given website. Website trustworthiness is broken into two individual silos – website reputation and website security. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking of website authority and trust:

  1. Create a credible website focused on facts.
  2. Build a stable audience online.
  3. Build out accurate FAQs.
  4. Cite your sources and build out your links.
  5. Create solid testimonials and reviews.

Framework Optimization

Framework optimization refers to the optimization of the content management system (CMS) that your website is built on. Historically, any open-source CMS is preferred for site load, SEO, accessibility, and content distribution. With that said, we at Monarch prefer WordPress. While WordPress originated as a blog-centric CMS platform, it has quickly adapted to become one of the most robust and versatile website CMS platforms out there. Here is a great blog from Flywheel highlighting why WordPress is the best CMS to use in 2020.

Proper Rendering Protocol

Proper rendering of a website is often one of the more overlooked facets of website design and development. Website rendering is the process where bots retrieve your website pages, examine your content, and assess your content to better understand your website layout / structure. At Monarch, we have always focused on Googlebot rendering first, as more than 95% of all searches are done through Google. Here is a great resource to see how a browser renders your website: View Rendered Source.

We know this stuff can be confusing. At the end of the day we understand that you don’t have time as a business owner, manager, or executive to worry about minor details like website rendering or framework optimization. As a result, Monarch is offering FREE website development for everyone. Our goal is to democratize website development, so that everyone can have an online presence.

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